married tHREE, together NINE
To look back at our relationship, is to look at it now. And to look forward, is as simple as putting emphasis on the things we're currently passionate about. The past left nothing to long for and the future is clearly written in the lines of our palms, intertwined and fortified as we hold hands. The present defines it all.
We were shy around each other once, we still are, and we will find moments of shyness later. We laughed together, we still do, and wrinkles of laughter will plague us in our old age. We were passionate once, we still are, and we'll continue to explore our freakiness. We loved each other once, we still do, and later, we'll have to find a word that better describes how amazing it all is.
We've spent nine years together, celebrating every day along the way. Today is no different. And tomorrow, the celebration only continues.
Here's to another official year of marriage, here's to year three... Leather.
Never date a co-worker. Some companies even have policies against it. I later found out mine did, thankfully it all worked out. You can't help where you meet someone. Well, you can try, but isn't it always in the unexpected moments, in the surprise situations, where someone special catches your eye, that beat out planned dates or Tinder hook-ups? Take hold of those moments, even if you must do so in secret [wink].