married two, together eight
The honeymoon stage is a myth. Eight years later and it still feels as if weโ€™ve just begun dating. Sure, we may know each other better and we live together now, but thereโ€™s still excitement โ€” Thereโ€™s still that playful shyness, thereโ€™s still passion. The celebration seems forever continuous, as we begin another year together.
Itโ€™s officially our second marriage anniversary, and it only continues to get better.
Hereโ€™s to year twoโ€ฆ Cotton.

Never date a co-worker. Some companies even have policies against it. I later found out mine did, thankfully it all worked out. You can't help where you meet someone. Well, you can try, but isn't it always in the unexpected moments, in the surprise situations, where someone special catches your eye, that beat out planned dates or Tinder hook-ups? Take hold of those moments, even if you must do so in secret [wink].