May - AugustΒ 2018
"Knowing I wanted an August wedding (with a very specific, very cool date), that gave us a little less than three months to plan. No need to panic, we always thought it silly to be engaged for long periods of time and we had both agreed we wanted more of a simple celebration than an actual wedding (plus the word fiancΓ© is way too pretentious to seriously speak aloud in public). However, she did laugh when I was like β€œso… I kind of already have a date and an Instagram campaign in mind."
Never date a co-worker. Some companies even have policies against it. I later found out mine did, thankfully it all worked out. You can't help where you meet someone. Well, you can try, but isn't it always in the unexpected moments, in the surprise situations, where someone special catches your eye, that beat out planned dates or Tinder hook-ups? Take hold of those moments, even if you must do so in secret [wink].