From Cape May to Cape Town.
The holiday season had just come to an end and it was finally time for our honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa!
One of the best things about living in New York City is the diversity. Weโ€™re neighbors with people from different parts of the world, and all those cultures influence the hundreds of restaurants, things to see, and stuff to do. Cape Town reminded us of home because of that same kind of diversity. We loved it so much, weโ€™re considering retiring there. The dollar goes a long way, and well, no one should ever live in Florida.
We stayed in Cape Townโ€™s City Centre at The Westin Hotel. Itโ€™s in a more business orientated location (a great way to avoid clichรฉ tourist types), but close enough to the attractions, allowing us to explore the city on foot. And there was a lot to explore. City types have the local businesses, coffee shops, restaurants, and conveniences immediately outside their doors (like weโ€™re accustomed to). More of a beach bum? Camps Bay Beach was only a fifteen-minute drive and itโ€™s beautiful. Nature buffs forget it! Cape Town has some of the most incredible views, and one of the best hikes Iโ€™ve ever experienced. There really is something for everyone and itโ€™s all so quickly accessible.
We dedicated a few days to sightseeing and spent the rest of the time exploring the city on our own. One of the excursions we booked, took us along the coastline of the Cape Peninsula. Itโ€™s a beautiful tour for taking in the scenery; stopping along the ocean, mountains, and small towns. On this trip we climbed up to the Cape Point Lighthouse, chilled on the rocks at the southwestern-most point of the African continent, stood in awe at the view from Chapmanโ€™s Peak (breathtaking), took a boat ride to the middle of the bay where thousands of seals call a small island home, and hung out with about three-thousand penguins on the beach!
Never date a co-worker. Some companies even have policies against it. I later found out mine did, thankfully it all worked out. You can't help where you meet someone. Well, you can try, but isn't it always in the unexpected moments, in the surprise situations, where someone special catches your eye, that beat out planned dates or Tinder hook-ups? Take hold of those moments, even if you must do so in secret [wink].